Oracle Foots the Bill for its Suit Against Google

Posted: September 14, 2012 in copyright law, Patent infringement
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The database goliath has to pay some of Google’s tab in failed lawsuit

The American multinational hardware-software corporation, Oracle, has been ordered by Judge William Alsup to hand over $1.13 million to Google.  The ruling followed a failed patent infringement lawsuit over Google’s Android mobile operating system. The judge ruled that Google had infringed just a few lines of code, and so Oracle was awarded zero dollars in damages.

Somewhat embarrassingly, the original suit diminished from 132 alleged violations to ‘a few lines of code’, as Gavin Clarke reports.  Although victory may not have been quite in the stars for Oracle, there was some good news to be had as the judge dismissed Google’s attempt to claim back a further bill of nearly $3m in discovery fees.

Judge Alsup commented:  ‘A close follower of this case will know that Oracle did not place great importance on its copyright claims until after its asserted patents started disappearing upon PTO [United States Patent and Trademark Office] re-examination…… Indeed, Oracle’s first damages report barely mentioned copyright claims.”’.

A hasty approach is ill-advised when it comes to a patent lawsuit, regardless of the circumstances. If you are in any doubt as to your rights in an intellectual property dispute, we suggest you take specialist legal advice.

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